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EXTREME BEAUTY is not just a simple beauty device, but it is a real face-and-body treatment method. Extraordinary results are achieved thanks to the synergic action of up-to-date technologies wisely combined with cosmetics and protocols of use, carefully studied by THE NEXT BEAUTY technical staff.

EXTREME BEAUTY combines various technologies to offer the beautician the most suitable and effective solution to any aesthetic problem:
- the ultra vibrating spatula for skin cleansing
- resistive bipolar RF for face and body treatments
- high frequency US probe for body treatments
- face and body electroporation
- plates for body treatments delivering high frequency US, kotz waves and electronic drainage

EXTREME BEAUTY is a user-friendly device with a wide colour touch screen; any time during the treatment it is possible to get back to the help screen, where all the operative information are available.

EXTREME BEAUTY is a modular aesthetic device, available in 5 different versions, from the most complete (called ABSOLUTE) including all face and body functions to the basic version, which includes only the 3 face applications. Thanks to its modularity, all partial versions can be completed with other functions any time after the initial purchase.

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